Wolf Creek View Cabin by Balance Associates

Wolf Creek View Cabin by Balance Associates

Architects: Balance Associates
Location: Eastern Washington, USA
Year: 2007
Area: 1810 sqft / 168 sqm
Photo courtesy: Steve Keating Photography

Wolf Creek View Cabin sits in a delicately treed glade, encompassed by foothills and mountains in Eastern Washington. The house is planned as two interlocking “L’s”. A secured porch is situated at the crossing point of one “L,” offering an ensured spot to sit while appreciating clearing perspectives of the valley. A lighter screening “L” makes a patio that gives cover from sonal winds and a cozy space with protection from neighboring houses.


The building mass is kept low with a specific end goal to minimize the visual effect of the lodge on the valley floor. The rooftop line and dividers stretch out into the scene and conceptual the mountain profiles past. Weathering steel siding mixes with the normal vegetation and gives a low support outside.


We trust this task is fruitful in its serene joining with the scene and offers an inventive arrangement in structure and style for lodge building design.

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