Amsterdam 289 by JSA

Amsterdam 289 by JSA

Architects: JSA
Location: Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2012
Area: 3,907 sqft / 363 sqm
Photos courtesy: JSA

In a special area in the Condesa neighborhood, on a rectangular property of 363 m2 (3,907 sq. ft.), ten individual lodging units have been planned, in two unique typologies however with unmistakable contrasts, each with diverse elements and sizes. This makes an intriguing mixture inside of the same complex. It has two structures, five levels each, partitioned by a focal porch, and imparted through scaffolds around the border that different the social and the private ranges.


The focal porch gives characteristic lighting to every one of the condo and on the ground floor creates an entrance court and additionally a typical zone to get together.


The general arrangement was made in view of the capacities and size of every typology, blending strong squares with “L” formed pieces, including Simplex or Duplex flats, with twofold statures. The fundamental façade has overhangs sitting above Amsterdam Street from where you have a perspective to the trees that line the road

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