Secreto by Pascal Arquitectos

Secreto by Pascal Arquitectos

Architects: Pascal Arquitectos
Location: Chimalistac, Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2011
Area: 6,717 sqft / 624 sqm
Photo courtesy: Victor Benitez

The house has two levels, a ground floor and a first floor with an extra carport, patio with reflecting pool, and a greenhouse region. The ground Floor incorporates a secured passage lobby, an internal corridor, a twofold stature library, two visitor bathrooms, a twofold tallness Interior Patio, a parlor with chimney, lounge area, breakfast territory, and kitchen with Pantry and utility room.

Pascal El Secreto 43

The upper level incorporates a hall, TV Room, Master Bedroom with washroom and changing area, rec center, two optional rooms with lavatory and changing area in each, and an open air patio garden. Likewise on this level, there is a visitor room and restroom that is isolated from whatever is left of the rooms.

Pascal El Secreto 01

As a major aspect of the architectonic talk and for reasons of toughness and support not very many finishings were utilized, one being solid, one of the house’s most striking materials for its strength after some time and the way that it gains more poise and history with time. The house was fabricate with structure-based development of cement with rebar, clear solid dividers, red block and utilization of auxiliary steel components. The outside divider completions and some inside completions are Galarza stone while cast with vinyl and veneer paints are utilized as a part of wet ranges.

Pascal El Secreto 02

One of the fundamental targets was to accomplish the most normal light and perspectives to the greenery enclosure, and not to make a progression of shut rooms but rather a progression of spaces where the occasions happen and speak with each other. Note that the whole house is planned in modules and products of feet, creating diverse sizes of covering rectangles, which turned into the geometric example of the house.

Pascal El Secreto 03 Pascal El Secreto 04 Pascal El Secreto 05 Pascal El Secreto 06 Pascal El Secreto 07 Pascal El Secreto 08 Pascal El Secreto 09 Pascal El Secreto 10 Pascal El Secreto 11 Pascal El Secreto 12 Pascal El Secreto 13 Pascal El Secreto 14 Pascal El Secreto 15 Pascal El Secreto 16 Pascal El Secreto 17 Pascal El Secreto 18 Pascal El Secreto 19 Pascal El Secreto 20 Pascal El Secreto 21 Pascal El Secreto 22 Pascal El Secreto 23 Pascal El Secreto 24 Pascal El Secreto 25 Pascal El Secreto 26 Pascal El Secreto 27 Pascal El Secreto 28 Pascal El Secreto 29 Pascal El Secreto 30 Pascal El Secreto 31 Pascal El Secreto 32 Pascal El Secreto 33 Pascal El Secreto 34 Pascal El Secreto 36 Pascal El Secreto 38 Pascal El Secreto 39

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