Essential Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Essential Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

A person’s home is a window into their soul. That’s why so many people want to give off an elegant feeling of sophistication. Making your home look expensive doesn’t have to put a hole in your pockets.

With these few simple tips and tricks, you can transform it into looking stylish, elegant and expensive

Choose your furniture wisely

Furniture is usually the first thing anyone notices in any space, and it also echoes the feeling, vibe, and style you want to reflect. According to the designers over at, choosing your furniture wisely can boost your area with a new, sophisticated look. Using handcrafted pieces makes the furniture not only fit perfectly, but also adds quality and personality to a room.

Wall art

Walking into a room with an oversized piece of wall art will automatically grab anyone’s attention, as well as spark conversation. The choice of artwork can also help you add a modern touch while still emitting an elegant and luxurious feel.

Choose an art piece with significance and glamour, and if you’re on a budget, you can also decide to do it yourself or shop second-hand stores for artwork with a hidden story behind it.

Incorporate textures

Mixing between more than one texture in a room adds depth and elegance to it. You can see that in unique furniture pieces that combine between different natural materials or add contrast between hard and soft or light and dark textures. The use of different textures in fabrics and textile can also emphasize elegance, but just be careful not to go overboard by making the room look like a party station. When it comes to fabrics, the key is to use textiles of the same color or that complement each other with subtle, tonal patterns. Having various pillows of velvet, wool, and silk will also give a luxurious feeling to the overall look with every touch.

Don’t forget to add Crown Molding

One of the most things you’ll realize when it comes to interior design is that every little detail matters. In fact, it is the small details that accentuate the space and make it all come together in total awesomeness. When it comes to decorating your home to look high-end, using a crown molding is key.

Crown molding gives a finished look to a room bringing the ceilings and walls together using an elegant detail. Without this complete, finished look, most rooms tend to look quite cheap. And don’t worry about the budget as crown moldings are quite affordable on almost any budget. While there are many widths to choose from, for a grander effect always choose the widest trim.

The paint color is vital

The color you choose for your walls will define the entire mood you’re going for. When opting for an elegant look, the entire space will probably be tonal or with small bold pieces. That means that the color you choose for the walls is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if sophistication is what you’re after, there are certain colors that add instant glamour to your home. You can either opt for a bold and dramatic effect or go for soft, tonal hues depending on your personality and what you’d feel more comfortable using.

Dark colors such as black can also create an expensive feeling, but just remember that dark colors would only be a good idea in large spaces, as they tend to make the area seem a bit smaller.

One of the easiest ways to add a little glamour to any room without spending much money is using gold spray paint. The color gold has always added a touch of royalty, elegance, and sophistication. Using a single coat on small accessories like picture frames, vases and trays can transform bland looking objects into beautiful, eye-catching pieces that scream glamour. You can even add a luxurious feel to more significant areas such as shelves, side chairs, or mirror frames. Whenever gold is added to any surface area, it makes the room look expensive.

The rule of three

There’s a common rule that states that anything that comes in threes is funnier, more satisfying, or more effective. When it comes to designing and decorating, this is most definitely true. Adding items of three not only feels just right, but also adds boldness and emphasizes the message you’re trying to convey in terms of style. When creating a display or hanging multiple items, the use of three is always picture perfect.

Pillows aren’t just for comfort

The pillows in every home aren’t just for comfort but also to add an elegant and finished look to your furniture. When chosen correctly, they can really spice things up a notch and give you a chance to express your character. It is always a way to make a guest feel comfortable, cozy, and at home with the layering effect and extra relaxation that soft, squishy provide. Choosing the size will also have a great impact on the message that the pillows send and whether they’re used for comfort or to make a bold statement. When going for an elegant look, opt for large, overstuffed pillows to create a plush appearance.

Go for unique hardware finishes

There’s a reason that hardware stores have an entire wall of drawer pulls and knob options. It’s because choosing the right hardware finishes can really add the missing touch of elegance to any room. With most hardware stores, the pieces available are inexpensive, but tend to be very poor in quality. Flea markets and antique shops will provide unique looking pieces that are only a tad more expensive in terms of price, but will add so much more character to your interior, which will be worth every penny.

It is important to remember that less is more when it comes to decorating and that you don’t have to break the bank to reflect an expensive-looking interior. Implementing these tips can help you pull off that elegant and sophisticated look that you desire.

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