Interior Design Apps That Will Help You Revamp Your Home

Easy to Find Your Inspiration

Nowadays it is easier than ever to find your inspiration that is, in some cases, just several clicks away. We’ve prepared a series of apps that will help you redecorate your home with style.

  1. Pinterest

Some say that Pinterest has revolutionized  redecorating. This app offers you a great variety of photos from which you can choose. No matter how complex your keyword is, Pinterest will surely generate a lot of results that will help you organize your inspirational boards. The best part of all is that a lot of the Pinterest’s content: design and decor is now shoppable.

2. Ikea Place

Have you ever wonder if the new couch is a good match for your table, or where you should better place it? KEA Place lets you virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space. How it works? Take a photo, add a true-to-scale model of any item you’d like into the room and you will surely find a smart solution. The app includes AR technology to make the experience even more real.


This app works similarly to Ikea Place. You take a photo of your place and the app allows you to modify it into a 3D scene. Furthermore, you can save or even shop the items you like and you can see how they go with the other items from your room. From visualization to execution in just a few steps.

4. Smyth Home Remodel

This app was created for semi – professional decorators. This app helps you find and contact the nearest contractor. Whether you’re in the middle of a project or just starting a new one, this app can be one of the most valuable resources. You can compare prices from your local area and even save money.


This app is usually used be renowned bloggers in the design field because it helps them link items to shoppable sites. If you like images from the app, LIKETOKNOW.IT will present the shopping sites of your favorite looks , it allows you to buy the items or save them for later.

6. View in My Room 3D

The unique feature of this app is that it allows you to try the products in your house before you buy them. You can choose from over 300.000 items select ‘view in my room 3D,’ and a 3D version of the product will pop up in a photo of your space. This way you won’t regret buying the wrong object for your room.

7. Color Capture

This app will help you choose the right color paint. It works quite easy: you take a photo and match the color you like from over 3500 paint options. You can share the end result with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or even send it to e-mail to your interior designer.

8. iHandy Carpenter

Handy Carpenter is a paid app for the Android by iHandySoft Inc which gives you 5 useful carpenter tools right on your phone. The 5 tools that you will have includes a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, protractor that measures 0-180 degrees angles, and a ruler available in both inches & centimeters.

Now you’re prepared to start your decorating projects for the new year. All these apps will come in handy and will boost your inspiration level.

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