Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers

Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers

Over the years, there’s been a heated debate on what should be acceptably used to dry your hands. Hand dryers and paper towels have been fighting for the right to dominate the hygiene industry. The dirty fight has seen various innovations done in the hand dryer sector.

In a 2017 market research report by SBWire, the hand dryer market was set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.3 percent compared to the 3.61 percent growth for paper towels. These records were estimated for the years 2017-2021 and the current market gap between the two, has confirmed these claims with hard numbers.

The reasons for the rapid growth in the hand dryer market can be attributed to cost efficiency, technological innovations, environment-friendly design, and rapid production. Below are some of the latest trends and results brought into the industry. Read on to get started.


Gone are the days when hand dryers were infamous for consuming more energy than the refrigerators. The slow-to-dry conventional hand dryers have been phased out of the market. These products relied on heat to evaporate water rather than blasting water drops with high-speed airflow. Some of the highly-rated Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers have been crafted to meet and even exceed market standards. They have low power rating and this helps cut  the electricity cost.

Environment-friendly designs

In the modern design and manufacturing world, affordable technology and environmental sustainability have been the key competitive aspects. Hand dryers with the green technology incorporated in their design prioritize on reducing carbon footprint while promoting restroom sustainability and efficiency.


Some of the early challenges of hand dryers were the slow drying speeds. One could wait for up to 5 minutes before getting the hands moisture-free. This was a waste of time, energy and resources. This is where paper towels outshined the hand dryers, but not anymore. Nowadays, there are hand-dryer models that can dry your hands in around 10-15 seconds. While other models advocates for faster speeds of 5-10 seconds, this is just too good to be true.


Nobody wants that boring squeal every time they power on a hand-dryer. The earlier models had noisy and less-efficient motors. In a typical design world, there’s little that can be done to alter the motor speed since higher speeds are necessary for faster drying time. Again, paper towels have an added advantage here, but they compensate for their quiet operation with the more costly disadvantages.

To stay ahead of the competition, newer hand dryer models have come up with engineered-techniques of turning down the motor speeds without compromising on the drying speeds. This ingenious innovation has seen low decibels hand-dryers that are energy-efficient, fast and convenient introduced into the market.


Apart from stylish designs, high-end technology, and energy-efficiency; durability is the other aspect to consider. Modern hand-dryers now prioritizes on manufacturing lifetime products that will not only guarantee continuous use but one that can withstand even the adverse forces of wear and tear. Stainless steel is one of the reputed material in this sector. It can withstand breakage, rust and do not attract dust. Regardless of where you’ll want to install your hand dryer, it should endure high traffic use and adverse manipulation. These are some of the things that have been largely addressed. You can also find the best of warranty deals upon successful purchase.


The main reason for washing and drying your hands is to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. When it comes to cleaning your hands, what matters the most is the detergents you’ll use and of course the cleaning techniques. That said, no matter the type of hand washer you’ll use, leaving your hands moist would also attract germs and give them a favorable breeding ground.

Some of the high-end hand dryers in the market come with premium-quality HEPA filtration and antibacterial coating. The latter uses silver ion technology that resists and inhibits the growth of microorganisms by forming a protective surface against several strains of germs, bacteria, fungi, etc. These design aspects ensure that your hands are dried with cleaner and germs free-air. All these go a long way in providing a hygienic hand-drying experience with stain and odor control.

The perks of modern innovation and technology upgrade in the hand dryer industry have been felt both in the money markets and in the consumer industry. Paper towels lost their glory in the popularity battle and nowadays, the hand dryers enjoy a substantial share of the global manufacturing sector. This translates to more job opportunities, more sales, more demand, more products introduced into the market and boosted economy.

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