Clean Environment of Apartment P in Sofia, Bulgaria by Elia Nedkov

Clean Environment of Apartment P in Sofia, Bulgaria by Elia Nedkov

Architects: Elia Nedkov
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2015
Area: 1,076 sq. ft / 100 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Sergio Chimenti

The task flourishes in the new local location of Lozenets, an architecturally significant area of the Bulgarian capital very regarded for its key position disregarding the Vitosha mountain and for the blend of new and old framework, stays of the Soviet period.


The compositional dialect – while concentrating on the center longing of a family with two high school young men for a liberal and light living volume – goes for space as a close and clean environment. Additionally, it is worried with providing for a 100 m2 (1,076 ft2) space the vibe of an unbounded and normal spot.


The subtraction of lintels and a few dividers, the amalgamation of the spaces; the murky completed, worked in furniture; the utilization of backhanded light on a materials of impartial appearance, for example, solid, oak wood, lime based divider completions in the bathrooms.


This as a major aspect of a consistent quest for a serene consistency, which is additionally one of the drives for my configuration and building rehearse.

Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-04 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-05 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-06 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-07 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-08 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-09 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-10 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-11 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-12 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-13 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-14 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-15 Clean-Environment-of-Apartment-P-in-Sofia-Bulgaria-by-Elia-Nedkov-16

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