Baan Sukothai 11 Home by Paripumi Design features 360 degree perspectives over the interior garden

Baan Sukothai 11 Home by Paripumi Design features 360 degree perspectives over the interior garden

Architects: Paripumi Design
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 7,804 sqft / 725 sqm
Photo courtesy: Spaceshift Studio & Keerati Tamchatchawal

Making nature sees inside is a principle thought of configuration for this house. The site is in the focal point of the heart of Bangkok which the zone of neighboring is loaded with the current structures around. One of the most ideal approaches to give a decent nature of locating and living for all homes is making nature sees inside which is the beginning stage of arranging a greenery enclosure and estate between 2 gatherings of utilitarian isolated spaces of this house. Nature sees inside which finished by incorporations of (Positive) design shapes and (Negative) opens space like a vase finished by putting the blooms in. Reciprocal of structures and space is a center idea for outlining this house.


Other than of making nature sees from inside, There is preference of the Site connections, for example, ventilation through the site structure neighbored open space and the enormous existing tree in the site.


Plan with atmosphere is dependably outline idea. Twofold skin exteriors, Sun shading gadgets and Insulated boards are utilized to ensure heat exchange through the house. Initially for obscure which presented to the sun radiation, Insulated boards which contained 3-creeps thick EPS froth are created with wood imitated surface boards on top. Second for openings which likewise presented to the sun radiation, punctured aluminum revolving so as to rotate outlines which can be opened are manufactured as a second layer skin to secure sun beam. Other than of controlling sun beam, Its can be utilized for controlling protection moreover. Building introductions and sun shading gadgets on the west side of the structures make shades for some place on once in a while which living arrangements can spend their times in open space outside while manor still have sun beams for bloomings all year as well.

Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-03 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-04 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-05 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-06 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-07 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-08 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-09 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-10 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-11 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-12 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-13 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-14 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-15 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-16 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-17 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-18 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-19 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-20 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-21 Baan-Sukothai-11-Home-by-Paripumi-Design-features-360-degree-perspectives-over-the-interior-garden-22

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