House Maza by CHK arquitectura

House Maza by CHK arquitectura

Architects: CHK arquitectura
Location: Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico
Year: 2012
Area: 489 sqm
Photos: Yoshihiro Koitani

The Maza house is an occasion home situated in the characteristic setting encompassing the Lake of Valle de Bravo. It Is set in an unpredictable troublesome and steep incline range. The house is encompassed by a rill of clear water on one side, the vegetation of different structures on the other side and rich woods in whatever remains of the edges.


The main access is situated in a side of the spot which is the most reduced purpose of the real estate parcel; the entry is through a thin extension over the stream. Regardless of the area has excellent close perspectives of the rill, it is important to ascend to get the opportunity to see the lake through the following woods.

These qualities of the spot condition the area of the diverse uses as indicated by its significance. The administration ranges and stopping are situated in the cellar. The more open zones are on the first level with the best flat visual. The most private ranges are assembled toward the east side of the house and, similar to the house rised up the neck, it grow up searching for the best perspectives.


The inside is constructed as the entirety of distinctive spaces, every one is outlined as a scene. In the entry starting with one then onto the next the change of materials, fluctuating light levels, the courses and the ghost of outside perspectives are the assets that regulate and advance the experience of strolling the house.


Has been looked for a proper relationship in the middle of building and nature. Without precluding the condition from securing the home fabricated by man, vegetation is incorporated and blends with it, inside and on the edges of the building, which are obscured between the trees and undergrowth of the spot.


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