Baulinder Haus by Hufft Projects

Baulinder Haus by Hufft Projects

Architects: Hufft Projects
Location: Mission Hills, Kansas, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 6,400 sq ft
Photos: Andrew Fabin

Baulinder Haus is found only a couple houses down from a milestone Kansas City range home outlined by Bauhaus engineer Marcel Breuer. Baulinder Haus draws motivation from the points of interest of the neighboring home. Vertically situated wood siding, basic structures, and overhanging masses—these were a piece of Breuer’s pioneer palette.


Baulinder Haus is portrayed by its sweeping cantilevers and strong completions. The house’s structure comprises of a progression of stacked boxes, with open spaces on the ground level and private spaces in the crates above. The containers are situated in a U-formed arrangement to make a liberal private yard. The expert suite ignores this yard range, composed as an expansion of the inside living space, obscuring the limits in the middle of inside and outside. Machiche and steel screening components give profundity and surface to front exterior.

Floor-to-roof south-bound windows in the yard are shaded by the overhanging second floor above to forbid sunlight based warmth pick up, yet consider inactive sun powered warming in the winter. Other manageable components of the home incorporate a geothermal warmth pump HVAC framework, vitality effective windows and showered froth protection. The outside wood is a vertical shiplap siding processed from FSC ensured Machiche. Baulinder Haus was intended to meet and surpass prerequisites set forward by the U.S. Natural Protection Agency for their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes, and is moving in the direction of Energy Star capability.

On the inside, the warm, light tones of the kitchen are adjusted by the darkened steel screen. The difference of warm and cool materials proceeds all through the house. Warm wood casework meets cool dark floor and divider tile in the expert shower. Wood light boxes and ledges stand against dim mosaic divider tile in the powder room. The darkened steel of the stair rails and risers is balance by wood treads and galleries. Hufft Projects planned and created the custom casework, steel screens and a significant part of the furniture in the home.

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