Black Cube House by KameleonLab

Black Cube House by KameleonLab

Architects: Kuba Wozniczka, Rafal Specylak of KameleonLab
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Collaborator: Marek Wozniczka
Year: 2012
Area: 235 sqm
Photos: Tomasz Zakrzewski

The venture shows an aggregate makeover of an ordinary clean family house from 70s of XX century. Customers have purchased a site with existing 2 story little building and their fundamental goal was to make this house twice as large, whilst joining the old structure of a building and to totally change the heights.


Toward the end of a “cosmetic touch up” old white block turned into a “dark 3D square”. Existing house was stretched out in two headings, towards greenery enclosure and west site limit, accomplishing additional space for a family room on the ground floor and unexperienced parents bed room with closet on first floor.


The site is situated in urbanized city zone in local location of high thickness, where accomplishing protection, so imperative for customers, was principle venture issue. Taking after customer wish to minimize conceivable perspectives into the house structure outside, front and side rises have only a base number of openings which was repaid by couple of sky facing windows and 5 meter tallness channel glass divider lightning up stairs and passage. House format was revamped to discrete diferent zones in extremely customary mode. Open arrangement on the ground floor is committed for entire family and their companions, though top floor is entirely private with folks rooms on one side of a house and children in the other.

One of essential parts of this task was to make smooth move in the middle of house and finished territory. From the greenery enclosure side steel casing has been outlined encompassing porch and supporting anticipated “room box”. This has made another space-by one means or another encased however as of now in the greenery enclosure. Steel edge will serve as a development for timber louvers or material layers to expand protection and make shade in summer months.

This “in the middle of” zone will serve as a family room expansion, where sliding glass veneer make it conceivable to interface with space mlessly. Amid late spring and spring this will be perfect for BBQ, patio nursery party’s and will serve as children play area.

In the forthcoming porch region there grew a tree which was proposed to stay on the spot. Shockingly, the tree was harmed amid development works and consequently it must be removed. The house proprietors chose to plant another tree on that spot once the development of the house is finished.

After precisely reaching for sufficient rise treatment architect shave chose to clad this house with timber painted black,thanks to this achieving extremely solid, just about “realistic” impact and same time utilizing environment inviting materials. To highlight ‘exhaust parts’ of the structure (where strong mass is subtracted)- passage zone and porch zone, hued and white render was utilized rather than timber.

black-cube-house-kameleonlab_05_bc black-cube-house-kameleonlab_21_bc black-cube-house-kameleonlab_03_bcblack-cube-house-kameleonlab_07_bc black-cube-house-kameleonlab_08_bc black-cube-house-kameleonlab_26_bc black-cube-house-kameleonlab_24_bcblack-cube-house-kameleonlab_bc_plans_final black-cube-house-kameleonlab_bc_section black-cube-house-kameleonlab_bc_siteplan_02_copy black-cube-house-kameleonlab_00_bc_diagram_01 black-cube-house-kameleonlab_00_bc_diagram_02

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