Watt Contemporary Rooftop Loft by Dift

Watt Contemporary Rooftop Loft by Dift

Architects: Dift
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Year: 2015
Area: 2.906 sqft / 270 sqm
Photo courtesy: ROS

DIFT gives an impermanent answer for an empty office obstruct in Ghent. The three-story building has a few exercises and shops.


On the most elevated floor you’ll discover something marvelous: a penthouse! DIFT included a few brands and stores to, for example, espoo., Huiszwaluw Home, Labt, Piet Moodshop, Koperhuis en Studio Klaer.


The outcome is a varied blend of vintage furniture and transitory outline. The penthouse checks four separate rooms, with an alternate look and trick.

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