The Open Box House by A-cero

The Open Box House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 8,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: A-cero

A-cero presents Open box house, a task in the edges of Madrid. It is a 750m2 house planned by A-cero sculptural theory.


This is propelled in the “Oteiza” work, a vital Spanish stone worker. With an effective look, Open box is prominent for its façade in cement granulated in some face and brandering in different countenances. The house’s plot has is 2.600 m2. It has three stories. The storm cellar takes the carport and offices and the ground floor has the lounge, kitchen and worker’s quarter.


In the first floor are the private rooms (4 rooms) and a library. The inside configuration incorporates furniture composed by A-cero and the Italian organization Fendi. The finishing has been outlined by A-cero as well. It is a Japanese garden As a decision, an A-cero work in which you can see its searching for the quality, solace and nice design.

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