Guna Villa by GMP Architekten

Guna Villa by GMP Architekten

Architects: GMP Architekten
Location: Jurmala, Riga, Latvia
Year: 2006
Area: 6,835 sqft
Photo courtesy: Heiner Leiska

The essential element of the outline is not the genuine usefulness of a manor, but instead much more the real physical experience of the site, described by the dialog between the encompassing scene and the perspective over the ridges of the shoreline close Riga.


The veneer of the Villa Guna is an iridescent white, making the best conceivable complexity to the dull trunks of the thick, evergreen pinewood woods and the blue of the steadily changing sky over the Baltic Sea.


The manor opens up towards the south as a U-molded auxiliary body. The guest en-ters the house secured by the components under a projection on the western segment. This western segment of the house serves as a noteworthy gateway. Situated on the upper floor are the resting quarters, including bathrooms and changing areas, which oblige the leader and her visitors. The living spaces are situated in the eastern piece of the house.


The structure is sorted out as a split-level abiding. This implies the levels are balance from on another considerably a story. Along these lines a multi flight slope gets to be one of the principle elements of the house’s configuration. It involves the focal space, unites the different levels with one another and is accordingly some portion of the general living background. Bordering rooms, for example, the house’s library, are interested in this center space, giving perspectives. In the meantime guests can constantly appreciate the changing sights of the characteristic surroundings, mak-ing the incline itself an affair.


An extensive window front opens the living space up to an adjoining patio on the southwest. Effectively obvious from outside as a vertical component, the chimney shapes the point of convergence of the living space. In light of its position in the room, the tenants dependably appreciate a relationship to the outside. An air space associate the two-story living space. Eyes are attracted to the rich ebb and flow of the display railing on both levels and, on the upper level, its S-formed bend is produced into a basic model.


Notwithstanding different patios and ways out, another extraordinary element of the Villa Guna permits its clients to get especially near their environment. A stage in the north-west corner of the building ascends 15 meters over the timberland floor. The sculptural impact of this home structure discovers its fulfillment in this perception tower. Right in the mid-dle of the treetops, with a feeling of the ocean just past the crowns of the trees, this plat-frame just may be the most pondering space in the house.

Villa-Guna-06-1 Villa-Guna-06 Villa-Guna-07 Villa-Guna-08 Villa-Guna-09 Villa-Guna-11 Villa-Guna-20 Villa-Guna-21 Villa-Guna-22 Villa-Guna-25

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