Aldeia 051 House by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura

Aldeia 051 House by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura

Architects: Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura
Location: Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil
Year: 2010
Area: 6,480 square foot
Photos: Leandro Moura

The house, intended for a youthful couple with two little kids, is situated in a level apartment suite with solid biological advance and backing the manageability of structures to be assembled. The sending area has extraordinary magnificence remaining before a few lakes and gigantic ranges for the conservation of local backwoods.

Aldeia-051-01The amusement territory is situated before the area ought to go to a separation of around 42 meters until it achieves the building. The social territories speak with the outside scene through the glass front exterior.


In the focal point of the building is a greenhouse found that corresponds specifically with almost all situations empowering visual mix as well as the trade and restoration of air, therefore guaranteeing suitable climatic conditions.


All water gathered by rooftops is gathered in an underground tank with 25,000 litres and utilized for the upkeep of green regions.


The plot has an incline of 4.5 meters that has been overcome by the utilization of “semi-levels” which empowered a bigger physical and visual mix between the diverse levels embedded.

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