Armadale House 2 by Mitsuori Architects

Armadale House 2 by Mitsuori Architects

Architects: Mitsuori Architects
Location: Armadale, Australia
Photo courtesy: Michael Kai

This refurbishment and extension to an existing Victorian style house in Armadale focused on the creation of a discreet new addition to make the most of a compact site. We proposed a 2 storey building form with a compact footprint to retain as much of the rear garden as possible. The upper floor houses a master suite and terrace designed as fully private spaces with controlled views of the rear garden through a fine timber screen. The first floor is set back to create a recessive building element when viewed from the rear garden and neighbouring property.


An open plan living room at ground floor features polished concrete floors, warm white walls, refined timber joinery elements and floor to ceiling glazing. A clean, natural palette of materials is used to bring texture and warmth to the space whilst still allowing the clients to personalise it as they wish. Natural timber elements, dark zinc standing seam cladding and bespoke window joinery give the building a crafted and enduring architectural quality.


We worked closely with our client, an experienced property and construction professional, to optimise space on a compact urban site whilst minimising the overall building footprint to maintain a feeling of openess and engagement with the outdoor space. The client and builder’s appreciation for quality and practical attention to detail allowed us to create architecture that is both functional and well crafted.

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