Uro House by 7XA Taller De Arquitectura

Uro House by 7XA Taller De Arquitectura

Architects: 7XA Taller De Arquitectura
Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Year: 2008
Area: 9,800 square foot
Photos: Francisco Lubbert

This living arrangement was produced on a 5000 square meter plot of area. The project occurred between two existing trees, it goes for the best perspectives of the Sierra Madre mountains for the social and family spaces.


This tremendous plot permitted us to work with a blueprint fit as a fiddle of a cross, where the arrangement pivots as indicated by the perspectives and the accent implied for every space, we generally have a patio or a partialy secured zone that “breaks up” the distinction between the interior and outside regions.


This asset is likewise an endeavor to regard the limitless measure of trees that was at that point in the plot, and it served additionally to benefit as much as possible from the lovely scenes and the shadows threw on the façades.


One enters the plot through an exceptionally attentive foyer which, as it opens, uncovers the house set among the trees. A rotunda encompasses two walnut trees, and it capacities as an outer passage lobby that unites with a 3D shape of cement that serves as an entrance. It takes the guest to a L-molded piece, which is the considerable access to the greenhouse and the patios in the back.


The house is composed by a focal space with a wood cilinder as a theme. It disguises a chest in the ground floor, and a study room in the first floor. This space partitions the zones of the house: on one side, the ground floor contains the social part, opened and converged with the outside; on the other side, the semiprivate zone – more shut and personal. The primary floor holds the auxiliary rooms in the front and the main room in the back of the house, with a perspective to the tremendous greenhouse.


The task is a geometric accomplishment of basic planes and volumes that create spaces that get to be outside or interior in an extremely inconspicuous design.

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