Villa S2 by MARC Architects

Villa S2 by MARC Architects

Architects: MARC Architects
Location: island of IJburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2012
Photos: Drent Fotografen Groep

Manor S2 on IJburg island is a three-story high split-level estate with roomy configuration, high roofs and awesome openness to the waterfront. The type of the estate must be an extremely reduced one. This is controlled by the moderately little plot so near the water on one hand and customer needs on the other. At the front side of the house a slope goes directly into a little stopping which contains a portion of the storm cellar. At the rear an embankment isolates the waterfront from the plot. The position of the estate near this embankment builds up the profundity of the storm cellar in a way that no structures were permitted to enter the slants or barrier structure. This condition in itself makes it a Super Dutch plan. The customers longing to have a guesthouse in the other piece of the storm cellar drives unquestionably to the requirement for direct sunshine coming into this space. Yielding the previous prerequisites we outlined the storm cellar somewhat over the ground level in blend with the lifted ground floor and its split level space. The vast majority of the ground floor level is right around two feet over the greenery enclosure. A few stories and spaces are lifted 4 feet. This outline arrangement gives superb perspectives over the encompassing waters and south European vegetation of the IJburg island.


To underline the inward space – or rather the customers individual character we actually collapsed the divider and floor structures around the spaces. All rooms have sees over the water and green environment. To fulfill greatest physical and visual association between the inside and outside we didn’t utilize outlines for the most essential glass veneers. This implies we needed to create insightful points of interest where the glass meets the dividers and floors lined with the white stone edging boards. We composed channels behind all boards along the floors to avert contamination of the white edges by water from the glass surfaces. Water is straightforwardly depleted to ground level on a few positions beyond anyone’s ability to see. On south and west heights we coordinated the electrical sunscreens behind the white edges. In that way we gave the white stone edging boards a twofold reason. They give solid structural outline by giving the estate it’s S-formed area expression and in the in the mean time they’re steady technically on a littler scale.


The most imperative spatial association is the one where the kitchen is connected to the hoisted patio. While cooking behind the stove alongside the chimney, there is a sentiment being outside on the patio. The eating and kitchen region have high roofs up to 3.35m1. On this specific place the S-formed configuration opens towards the porch, patio nurseries and waterfront by a colossal full tallness glass area at right edges. For this fundamentally critical window outlines we utilized the exceptional Swiss composed and fabricated Sky-outline item which gave us the likelihood to incorporate all edges flush in dividers, roof and floors. The main obvious edge is the one between the altered and sliding window with a width of under one inch.


Both within and outside we meant to give the S2 manor a very recognized specialized enumerating and utilization of materials. We need this manor to be a cutting edge and practical outline in a way it is extremely vitality sparing and even very nearly an inactive house (vitality impartial). The utilization of a lot of glass veneers mustn’t meddle with these solid goals.


Along these lines we outlined all windows and open exteriors as 3-layerd glass veneers with the most elevated principles with regards to protection. Behind all white nature stone boards we even utilized protection boards with fabulous components as Kingspan Kooltherm K15 with a warm resistance (Rc) from very nearly 6. The white nature stone boards comprise out of composite materials with a 90 percent nature stone coarseness part joined with a 10 percent white fastener. The shading blend of the coarseness comprises of white, grayish, light-green and a light-yellow pieces. The last alludes to the dark yellow shaded reed along the waterfront.


We particularly pick this white material as gladding all together it would cost substantially less vitality for cooling in late spring. We utilized this 22 millimeter width material along the floors and dividers, as well as even in 6 square meters extensive boards and every single little piece for the supports interfacing with the glass. We cleaned all boards softly so they won’t get contaminated effortlessly. The way that the bright coarseness gets more profundity by mirroring the daylight was a second motivation to pick this sort of completion. For the wooden façade components we utilized the item Nobel Wood which gives the manor a warm and normal look.


This is a distinct option for tropical hardwood in light of Dutch pine wood originating from reasonably oversaw backwoods as indicated by FSC confirmation. The pine wood is an altered wood in light of biopolymerization. The wood is biopolymers from sugar stick to the altered center. The outcome is an item with the presence of fantastic hardwoods. Other than the restricted ecological effect we considered the consistent maturing as an essential viewpoint for picking Nobel Wood inside of the application in the Villa S2. Since just mistake free sapwood is utilized for the generation of Nobel Wood, the material is homogeneous. Accordingly, there is a uniform maturing of the material.


From the earliest starting point of the configuration stage we effectively connected a well thought idea for establishments in the outline. We utilized the 38 centimeter thick sandwich floors for the channels of the warmth recuperation framework to re-use warmed air with as meager as could be expected under the circumstances loss of vitality. We consolidated this framework with floor warming and top cooling for additional solace. On the rooftop we put four vast sun based boards and all light is LED associated to dusk.

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