La Grande Vue 5A by SAOTA and OKHA

La Grande Vue 5A by SAOTA and OKHA

Architects: SAOTA and OKHA
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Photos: SAOTA

Carla and Stefan Antoni have made a fantastic high as can be home that catches the vibe of the beneath by utilizing levels to awesome impact.

La-Grande-Vue-5A-01Their developing family is the thing that constrained the couple to crush their lone wolf cushion and fabricate a bigger home. The outcome fuses Stefan’s double level penthouse, including two en-suite rooms, a living region and a kitchen on the first level, a studio, third room and carport on the lower level, and a loft underneath. On the rooftop, is a swimming pool and patio, and also the eminent SKY BAR containing a mixed drink bar and diversion range.


Stefan’s intense control of levels and layering has brought about an outwardly sculptural inside. They needed the vibe of the condo to be a difference between laid-back solace and smooth advancement. Crème-de-la-crème marble chunks were utilized for the floors and the forested areas were lime-washed to give them a “beachy” feel. Accent hues were kept to grays and sea greens/blues.


Adam Court of OKHA Interiors made a scope of furniture utilizing the Antoni home as a canvas. “We needed to make a casual however modern look; one that was about individual pieces as well as about making an absolutely new affair.


The outcome is a harmony between the utilitarian and the eye-getting, from white-calfskin couches to ethnic pieces found on extraordinary ventures. David Reade glass pieces sit nearby stacked cubic casings, together with cashmere tosses and profound heap carpets.


“We needed to break free from the mold, make a bit of verse that plays on light, space and geometry, and equalizations the primal nature of crude surfaces with advanced components,” Stefan concludes.

La-Grande-Vue-5A-04-1 La-Grande-Vue-5A-04-2 La-Grande-Vue-5A-04 La-Grande-Vue-5A-05 La-Grande-Vue-5A-06-1 La-Grande-Vue-5A-06 La-Grande-Vue-5A-07-0 La-Grande-Vue-5A-07-1 La-Grande-Vue-5A-11 La-Grande-Vue-5A-14 La-Grande-Vue-5A-15 La-Grande-Vue-5A-16 La-Grande-Vue-5A-17

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