Westgate Residence by Kurt Krueger Architect

Westgate Residence by Kurt Krueger Architect

Architects: Kurt Krueger Architect
Location: Brentwood, California, USA
Photos: Unlimited Style Photography

The Westgate Residence is a redesign of a 1948 house situated in Brentwood, CA where the goal was to compositionally upgrade the building through the utilization of new materials, spatial definition and openings, yet without expanding the general square footage or building envelope.


Arranged close to a genuinely occupied road crossing point with a plenitude of pedestrian activity, the test was to make a serene abiding from a current building shell. Since the property holders are a resigned couple, simplicity of capacity and general common sense were pretty much as vital as the general outline. Our main goal was to mlessly mix these prerequisites in a mless and graceful way.


As opposed to including more range with a second floor, the house was kept to one level. The 50’x100′ part implied that the current foot shaped impression has as of now been augmented, giving a first floor zone at 2,200 square feet. On the other hand, the house had great bones, permitting us to puncture new window, entryway, and bay window openings, giving more common light. Dividers and pointless allotments were uprooted, permitting the fundamental region to feel as one substantial space, yet inside of it, containing littler zones.


Security was an essential component to consider alongside the restricted open air space, so a patio with retractable sunshades were made to encase the front yard. Douglas fir wood supports are put at such a tallness, to the point that those on the walkway level can’t see in, however those at the higher patio level can see out.


The increasing of the faculties was vital all through, and educated the choice of rich materials with material qualities. Douglas Fir wood was utilized for the siding and additionally the entryways and windows with copper drains and downspouts coating the outside overhang. Walnut wood ground surface and cabinetry are reliable all through the house. Limestone clearing is utilized as a part of the patio, while Argentinian cobblestone reports the garage and passage. Water-plane stone is utilized at the chimney, Kitchen backsplash and in the Master Bathroom, permitting a specially crafted grooves into the stone.


Thoughtfulness regarding points of interest make exceptional components of amazement and miracle to the little space. One of these points of interest was the formation of a dam-less level shower where the section seems to drift as the water tumbling off the edges and vanishing. Another was the utilization of white boards on the casework that can slide, tilt and re-positon to conceal the TV or any undesirables on the racks.


Wellsprings and water components add repetitive sound diminish the sound of road movement while the arranging was intended to screen, yet give a feeling of quiet and reflection.

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