Mariella’s Apartment by Luca Peralta Studio

Mariella’s Apartment by Luca Peralta Studio

Architects: Luca Peralta Studio
Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 646 sqft / 60sqm
Photo courtesy: Alessandro Peralta

Situated in the Prati, an area in Rome embedded in a urban fabric of twentieth century, the redesign of a 60 sm (646 sf) condo is specifically considered from the customer’s target planning to amplify the ease of use of the current space.


Dispensing with the solid detachment of living and benefit spaces open from the dim hall in the past floor arrangement setup, the outline “idea” redistributes the elements of the living environment into a “liquid” space. Going past the mode to live in a compartmentalized house where every space reacts to a solitary movement, the lounge plays the hero in the condo, a space which consolidates a few projects. Presently it is not only a “lounge”, it rises above into a “space to live”. Leaving from the incorporated twofold sided couch, the “inside island”, radially sorts out around it the “feasting” and “cooking” zone, the studio unwinding zone, and also music and craftsmanship zones. The new subdivision of the spaces upsets the old spatial dissemination, ascribing to a more significant daytime living space and a more personal evening time living space.


As one enters the loft from the opening in the basic divider, the perspective of the multi-modified, vivacious family room gets to be caught, as though looking through a wide-point lens. Crossing the emphasizd opening painted charcoal dim, one enters the “living” zone warmed with regular oak wood flooring and with delicate characteristic light pouring in through the abundant window openings of the principle building façade.


From the unwind range situated on the outside of the daytime living space on one side of the couch, where one can sit in front of the TV, read a book serenely, to the opposite side of the couch where one can sit at the eating table, the particular arrangement of the couch island sorts out the encompassing spaces. The four dividers check the exercises and the rhythms of the day without binding them into a shut domain: the modified kitchen cupboards relinquish the more customary lines of the cooking zone, grasping the moderate stylish of other furniture pieces in the lounge; the suspended library, “Mosaico n.0”, an altered configuration, mirrors the surface of an antiquated roman mosaic, remunerating the monumentality of the measurements of the furniture with “gentility” from the negligible thickness (4 mm [0.16 in]) of the white painted iron racks hung along the dull dark “overwhelming” burden bearing divider; the TV console is made of lacquered white wood with clean lines that reach out underneath from the library; the fourth divider turns into an edge for the work of art that coordinates the visitors’ center as they enter the loft from the fundamental passageway.


The lobby, already arranged simply as a distributive part, now respects the washroom, reduced yet ready to house an adequate stroll in shower, notwithstanding a storage room cut into the thickness of the basic divider. The private zone of the house obliges the room which is outfitted with altered, white wood furniture.


The manufactured light is another hero. It gets to be furniture itself when adjusted over the eating table and again while accentuating the lines beneath the library book racks, which appear to be bolstered by diffused light.

Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-06 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-07 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-08 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-09 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-10 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-11 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-12 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-13 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-14 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-15 Mariella-s-Apartment-by-Luca-Peralta-Studio-16

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