Kyodo House by SANDWICH + team Low-energy

Kyodo House by SANDWICH + team Low-energy

Architects: SANDWICH, team Low-energy
Location: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2015
Area: 1.389 sqft / 129 sqm
Photo courtesy: Nobutada OMOTE

A house configuration to make powerful utilization of natural energy.

Focused on a family room situated to confront the sun when it goes due south, the system of this house utilizes various covering boxes to sort out the inside space. In winter, air warmed by the daylight reaches out all through the space, while in summer, a cool wind from the windows goes through. The house has a study room that capacities as a ventilation tower, and from its windows you feel the greenery of encompassing trees. Aeration and cooling systems are not required in this house.


The unmistakable structure of the outer divider depends on the idea of an artist Kohei Nawa’s “Course” arrangement of sketches, which investigates a perception of gravity. Old timber that was initially cut from diverse trees developing in Japan and left out in the timber yard is reused, orchestrated so that width and hues interchange. The point was to create a feeling that is warm and natural while as yet being contemporary.


The design was considered as single family home or an offer house. The focal chamber living space has substantial bookshelves that is the centerpiece of proprietor’s living style, and there is an option space indented into the ground for occasions. This house empowers the general population who live there to join with the nearby group, while sharing better approaches for city way of life that fuses craftsmanship, permaculture, and comparative methodologies.

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