The Eight Bamboo Villas in Nankun Mountain by C&C DESIGN

The Eight Bamboo Villas in Nankun Mountain by C&C DESIGN

Architects: C&C DESIGN CO., LTD.
Location: Longmen, Guangdong, China
Year: 2013
Area: 13.433 sqft / 1.248 sqm
Photo courtesy: C&C DESIGN

The magnificence of concurrence is about existence furthermore passing; it is about endlessness furthermore moment; it is about landscape furthermore us in the view.


The Eight Bamboo Villas in Nankun Mountain are half covered up in green mountain by a stream, they are much the same as the eight sages in the bamboo woodland joins by weak extravagant scent and winged creatures’ tweet. In here showering in hot spring and watching the evolving scene, it empowers individuals to feel the position of safety relaxation and the magnificence of effortlessness “from the nature and coming back to the nature”.


Style, is not just visual, but rather a greater amount of consideration, which incorporates appreciation to individuals, as well as love to the Nature.


Bamboo manor’s inside configuration was composed by C&C DESIGN CO., LTD. The configuration executive Peng Zheng has restricted the starting arrangement, mixed nearby structural society and components into it and included the lawn in the style of Hakka house in light of comprehension on the expert’s engineering outline.


The inside and outside outline of bamboo manor is roused by Hakka house. The space design contains stilted structure in the front with open yard in the back and dry and wet ranges. The front part is stilted building bolstered by 32 wooden stakes, including visitor room and seeing overhang; the back part is the hot spring range in the style of open patio, including wet region, hot spring pool and outside porch. Because of remaking of the hot spring territory, the capacity and imaginative excellence of the structural planning have been made strides.


The bamboo asset in Nankun Mountain has given inexhaustible development material to us. From development to enrichment, bamboo is a building component, as well as an inside enhancement component. We attempt to abstain from utilizing concrete beyond what many would consider possible, for instance we have retained motivation from neighborhood houses and welcomed nearby skilled workers who can develop puddle divider to construct puddle divider for our patio. This is a sort of development for people structural engineering which is verging on lost ever. Bamboo, puddle divider, material tile, waterway stone and bamboo backwoods frame a relaxed however one of a kind design scene with nearby characters.

The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-06 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-07 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-08 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-09 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-10 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-11 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-12 The-Eight-Bamboo-Villas-in-Nankun-Mountain-by-C-C-DESIGN-13

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