Pearl Valley 334 by SAOTA

Pearl Valley 334 by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch

A youthful family re-situating toward the Western Cape was hoping to change from city living to a more casual nation way of life in which to raise their young family and settled for the elite Pearl Valley Golf Estate situated close Paarl, only 30 minutes from Cape Town. The proprietors drew nearer ANTONI ASSOCIATES to make an inside that was current however with an accentuation on ‘shoeless extravagance’ and the utilization of characteristic materials.


The house has been composed around a focal arranged patio with an intelligent lake. On going into the house, one crosses a lobby extension which is flanked by wet-dividers falling down lace stone clad component dividers. The formal parlor is a vast twofold volume house of God such as space with a trussed roof which is ignored by the mezzanine study arranged over the formal lounge area. The feasting region highlights a flat strip-chimney which has been put level with the eating table. A component hooped-glass light fixture falls over the waney-edge French oak table.


Connecting the formal zones to the diversion rooms, the kitchen watches out onto the focal patio. Specially crafted delicate cowhide and steel barstools from OKHA Interiors give seating around the focal island. A gliding stair paves the way to the four en-suite rooms.


The family diversion level streams out onto the front patio and unendingness pool, consolidating various stimulation ranges, for example, a TV parlor, an indoor barbecue and a bar contiguous the yard. Skimming ventures over the intelligent lake lead to the bar territory, which has a decked spa ignoring the pool. The bar region is likewise connected to an open air “boma”, which is an easygoing fenced in area with seating range around a flame pit.


Unpretentious lighting has been fused in all breaks and highlight bulkheads to give a warm shine to fringe edges. Disguised lighting has likewise been utilized to highlight and complement the natural characteristic completions. The inside furniture and stylistic theme is current and adds to the experience of the home. Material completes the process of including timber, textured calfskins and crude cloths include a refined feeling of downplayed extravagance.

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