Bray’s Island SC Modern I by SBCH Architects

Bray’s Island SC Modern I by SBCH Architects

Architects: SBCH Architects
Location: Bray Island, Sheldon, South Carolina, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: SBCH Architects

The configuration for this shocking single family living arrangement started and finished with its convincing site. “On a bit of dry ground between a lake and a freshwater swamp, the house’s site was ringed by a stand of curiously tall and thin live oak trees (which are regularly more thick, thicker and lower to the ground). The utilitarian system required a liberal living/social affair room, kitchen and eating, a screened patio, and specialist utility capacities.


Rather than an isolated room, the proprietor wanted a dozing space adjoining with the fundamental living space. The space opens out to a secured yard with perspectives over the swamp.” The excellent stone chimney that ascensions as far as possible up to the roof has an implicit corner to store kindling, pleasant and helpful for those cold evenings from the cool sea air.

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