Casa Chinkara by SOLISCOLOMER

Casa Chinkara by SOLISCOLOMER

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Marko Bradich

Situated in an advantaged territory encompassed by woodlands yet at the same time near Guatemala city, the Casa Chinkara presents itself as a double living arrangement investigating the difference between the common and the man made; between the primitive and the contemporary.


The house was envisioned as a stone implanted in the scene, an ethereal component that takes after the request of the form lines of the landscape. Inside it houses a craftsmanship exhibition, a cozy space for examination, a holder of encounters appeared in the different centerpieces that accommodate it. This rough volume has been etched in a manner that it takes into account light to come in through a sky facing window and for the distinctive spaces in within to stream right out into the regular scene.


This stone volume goes about as the heart of the building, distinctive rooms follow, infiltrate or are superimposed around it every one contained inside diverse white volumes wrapped in ACM, a simulated material, that as it counterpoised to the stone symbolizes the mediation of man in the regular scene of the task. Subsequently, the habitation peruses as an agreeable organization between landscape, shake and man.


Despite the fact that the house could be perused as an enormous structure of volumes, from within every one of the room keeps up a private scale, cozy and human. The glow of the wooden floors, the unpolished stone, the tallness of the spaces and the ornamentation of these fortifies the thought of a decent life, continually welcoming the occupants to appreciate a feeling of examination and closeness.


The experience of the house towards the scene makes a complexity to this withdrawn thought of the undertaking. Aside from the workmanship display every one of the rooms in the house is contained in a characterized volume that opens towards the outside incorporating the abundance of the regular existence with the encounters contained inside the house. Immense glass windows with brilliant red casings are installed into the volumes that make up the building indicating the aim of confining the scene from within.


From the outside the house peruses as a gathering of window shows that uncover the inside spaces that make it alongside the everyday encounters of it’s tenants; from within the majority of the exercises of the occupants are decorated by an outside common foundation acclimated by diverse types of trees, creatures and sounds.


In conclusion Casa Chinkara is more than a habitation, it is a middle person between the characteristic and the counterfeit; between the close and the outer; between the enormous and great and the private and recognizable.

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