Can Bikini Residence in Ibiza by TG Studio

Can Bikini Residence in Ibiza by TG Studio

Architects: TG Studio
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: TG Studio

Tg-Studio was dispatched as inside architects for this nation home in the north of Ibiza, the property comprises of a 3 room house, encompassed by two hectares of rich greenhouses in which two extra houses give two further rooms and en-suites. Tg-Studios customers bought the building a couple of years prior and felt that a makeover concentrated on the insides was required.


The primary house comprises of a bigger parlor come lounge area and kitchen. There are two fundamental rooms with en-suites on this level and a further room with shower and rooftop patio on the first floor. There is additionally an incline too bread broiler structure contiguous the primary region for putting away towels.


The patio nurseries likewise house a huge pool and pool house for unwinding and this region additionally gives a gathering space/relax region with bar.


Arranging limitations preclude the augmentation of the building and TG-Studio needed to work inside of the current building. We discovered this simple as the building, and acquired outline is exceptionally attractive and it was generally the inside that was disregarded, so actually the venture was an inside configuration errand.


The principle room highlights 4 meter (13 foot) high roofs and substantial sliding glass entryways so that in the mid year the lounge room bends over with the outside porch.


TG-Studio obliterated the kitchen and introduced a best in class Doca kitchen with Gagganeu apparatuses, fire dark stone worktops; dim tinted reflected backsplash and painted white oak entryways. We introduced another wood blazing chimney with flared stone base and dark steel back, this component additionally holds a 70 inch TV, encompass sound framework and conceals another twofold tallness towel storage space. This has considered the specialty highlighting the bread stove to be opened up into the primary room. The bread stove before was holed up behind an allotment divider and utilized as capacity. TG-Studio outlined it so that it now opens up into the family room and presented a roundabout rooftop light with four distinctive molded windows with yellow tinted glass to make a vast relax corner/cozy. In the night these windows sparkle yellow and emerge alongside the stone of the façade.


All ground surface comprising of common stone was sanded and fixed, the house was re-painted and TG-Studio completely outfitted the manor. As all completions and hues are kept in the Ibizan cool white; hues and compositions while selecting the furniture was essential to make a ‘London Cool hits Ibiza’ feel.


The customers who are property designers in the UK utilize the manor for family excursions and secretly lease to companions when not being involved by them. They had requested that not make the cliché Bali feel but rather needed an intriguing diverse feel with quiet, cheerful, urban lines all through. Room 2 has a Moroccan impact and the studio a natural feel. The Bali house on the grounds was foreign made from Bali, consequently its name; it includes a stunning open publicized restroom. TG-Studio added furniture to compliment the plan which incorporates the Bobbili Stoom wooden side tables from Andrew Martin, and the birdcage work area light.


The pool house was stretched out and re-composed to house an extensive bar with implicit refrigerators, a flame broil and a woodfire pizza broiler. TG-Studio composed the furniture and chose the Holly Hunt fabrics for the pool house which were then fabricated and upholstered by local workers.

Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-09 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-10 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-11 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-12 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-13 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-14 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-15 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-16 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-17 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-18 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-19 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-20 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-21 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-22 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-23 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-24 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-25 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-26 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-27 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-28 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-29 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-30 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-31 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-32 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-33 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-34 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-35 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-36 Can-Bikini-Residence-in-Ibiza-by-TG-Studio-37

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