Red Bull Offices in Mexico City by SPACE

Red Bull Offices in Mexico City by SPACE

Architects: Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Jimena Fernández Navarra, Sinuhé Vera Montes de Oca of SPACE
Location: Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 10,764 sqft /  1,000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Paul Czitrom

The corporate offices of Red Bull México are situated on a solitary floor of roughly 1000m2. Beforehand, the organization possessed a story and a half of the same building, yet with better utilization of the space and taking everybody away from any confining influence territory plan, it was conceivable to address every one of the issues of the brand in one and only level.

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The configuration idea is conceived when we build up “office” and overlook every one of the implications that can be seen as negative: available time, orders, work, and so forth. In this way, we make a space for coordinated effort that does not decipher into the customary office; open spaces, easygoing impacts, rec center, diversion room and a bar as the gathering region make these workplaces a spot that is fun, as well as beneficial.

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Tastefully it was chosen to give it a urban-Mexican look with a specific end goal to show the vicinity of the brand in the nation. Two Mexican specialists were made a situation that fits this thought, in this way supporting best in class Mexican craftsmen.

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The work spaces in the open territory are found unevenly with a specific end goal to make more noteworthy dynamism in the space, so that the streams and disseminations are more common.

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The easygoing impacts react to diverse needs inside of the space contingent upon their area: in the entrance zone a vast easygoing crash is incorporated with the gathering region to get guests; in the open territory easygoing crashes were situated with distinctive work backings as per the needs of every region. In the focal point of the venture a center of meeting rooms is situated to bolster both the customers and the specialists themselves, continually paying consideration on protection and acoustics. Beside this center is the “Desert garden”, an easygoing topical territory that reenacts an outside space, intended to permit individuals to separate from work and listen to music, watch recordings or even meet to talk.

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An amusement room is the last territory enveloping the estimations of the organization inside of the workplace, and it helps us that the reason to remember the venture is to make a team up space instead of an office, a space to live while you work, and not a space where you work so as to live.

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