ZLT Apartment in Kiev by U//ME Architects

ZLT Apartment in Kiev by U//ME Architects

Architects: U//ME Architects
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 1,292 sqft / 120 sqm
Photo courtesy: Alex Pedko

The U//ME architects design team presented the loft project of an apartment in Kiev. The total area is 120 sq.m.


The apartment is situated on the 15th floor under a sloped roof and with the space under the dome. Originally there were no windows under the dome, and during the design process idea was to bring natural light through three window openings and open the view on the city center. During the evening, when the city is getting ready to sleep, you can see a spectacular night view of Kiev. The height of the ceiling in some places has enabled the architects to design a mezzanine with a beautiful French iron staircase and a two-storied wardrobe, all of which gave the possibility to add a 14 sqm to the total area. Due to the fact that this is the top floor it was possible to add a working modern fireplace to the project.


The wall is the special element in the bedroom and the decorative finish was applied by the owner’s own hand. Entrance to the main bathroom passes through the master bedroom, which makes it possible to hide it from the visitors and keep a personal space.


The free standing washbasin with LED lighting inside was the inspiration in creation of guest toilet, via sketches by U // ME architects. The entire space is painted black to accentuate the effect of illumination.


Center of the apartment is a kitchen combined with the dining room and entrance. The kitchen area is a special place for the owners because they love to cook. The kitchen island is made of hot metal and the top of stainless steel, with integrated desktop hood which is specially brought from Milan.


The use of natural wood, soft and warm colors in the decoration of the apartment softens the visual spirit of metal structures and bricks. Almost all the furniture is produced in Ukraine, according to the sketches of the architects. Storage space was literally counted to the last details.


A complete transformation of an empty space to a unique, cosy design masterpiece!

ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-07 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-08 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-09 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-10 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-11 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-12 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-13 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-14 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-15 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-16 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-17 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-18 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-19 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-20 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-21 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-22 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-23 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-24 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-25 ZLT-Apartment-in-Kiev-by-U-ME-Architects-26

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