The Self-Sealing, Self-Changing Bin Created by the Knectek Labs

Technology for a little less mess

There are two types of people: those who enjoy a clean, organized and sanitary place and those who aren’t bothered by a little mess. If you’re part of the first category, you will surely enjoy the Knectek Labs invention: the Townew bin.

You may wonder what this new tool does. Well, it automatically seals and changes the garbage bags, all by pushing one button.

Knectek Labs invention is a Canadian company which designs innovative technologies, but also functional products that we use in our daily life. The company improves the existing technology or it creates a new one if it isn’t already invented.

The Townew Bin – Set to be Launched in January 2020

With the occasion of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the company will present the townew bin technology. CES is an annual event where developers showcase their new technological and electronic innovations. The event covers a wide range of products, including TVs, virtual reality, mobile devices, cryptocurrency, smart homes, self-driving cars and new gaming consoles.

How it Works

The thermoplastic rubbish bag is sealed with the heat’s help. The users can remove the old plastic bag, while the bin replaces and seals it with a new one. Under the bin lid, one can place a refill unit of 25 bags.

This tool will be particularly loved by those who want to cut down the odor and mess. We might add that it will be the new mother’s favorite tools, thanks to the sealing feature.

“Whether you’re throwing leftover sloppy-joes or stinky diapers, nothing will escape the moisture and water-resistant sealing capability of this trash can,” said Knectek Labs head of sales William Wong.

The movement-detecting infrared sensors will improve hygiene. They help open the lid in response to the approaching garbage. When you need to use the bin more times, you can press the “Lid Open Mode ” button and it stays open. It is easy to control, as it has only one button. One-touch activates the Lid Open Modes, as mentioned before. The sealing function is activated if you keep the button pressed for three seconds.

It comes in white or teal

The Townew Bin comes in white or teal, it is 4.02 metre tall and it is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. This kind of plastic was chosen due to its resistance to chemicals and because it is capable of withstanding humidity and different temperatures. It works with a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery, getting about a month’s power from a 10-hour charge.

Being present at 2020 CES as an award honoree, the Townew bin has definitely scored highly in its product category. The world’s biggest consumer tech show will take place in Las Vegas the following days, from January 7 to 10.

The participation cost to such a show costs $300, some might say it is pricy, but the participants aren’t going to be disappointed.

Among other advanced bin designs in recent years is Simplehuman’s automatically opening ST2015 bin and PearsonLloyd’s stackable Intelligent Waste mix of rubbish, recycling and composting bins.

Keep an eye on blog and you’ll find more about 2020 CES technologies.

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