The Me Too House by LADAA

The Me Too House by LADAA

Architects: LADAA
Location: Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
Year: 2013
Photos: LADAA

The building comprises of four interconnected volumes each with an alternate tallness, hence going after the greatest combination with the encompassing’s geology zone and a characteristic decay of the prerequisite project. Didactically the structural planning lets us know what is going on inside.


In the meantime the volumes are verbalized to create an extensive private greenhouse open to the sun and the encompassing perspectives. The entire house is manufactured with burden bearing dividers of dark cement and steel sections. Ostensibly the dim solid, zinc boards and glass dividers with anodized aluminum edges appears the four volumes.


With the prerequisite’s decay program into four volumes, we came to a few destinations planed when examining the plot and its area. The principal was to colonize the entire plot, making the region our own and wiping out any lost zones, the second was to rch for a house with spatial congruity where the system wasn’t partitioned into stories as in an ordinary building.


For this we for selected a spread-out at half-story interims of the volumes, which thusly take into consideration adjustment to the normal incline of the zone, something central in the association with the exterior.The break with the conventional detachment in the middle of inside and outside, which on account of the neighborhood atmosphere we can control to suit the client, as indicated by their needs, with adaptable and portable closings.


A critical perspective was the way to go of lowliness. Apparently we needed to demonstrate the house as tranquil and straightforward. Also, within changing the scale, here demonstrating to it as outgoing, misrepresented and sumptuous.


Access to the house is through a two-story volume that opens toward the north by a solid shelter that serves as outside stopping and toward the south the perspectives with the entryway and a library on the top floor. This part serves as the pivot between the Day zone and the Night zone.


The rooms are situated in a two-story volume, with the top floor for the folks and the ground floor for the children.The Day zones are separated into two volumes with one story each. One for the kitchen and the administration range, and one for the family room. Inside, the move between one volume and the following is comprehended with little steps, which fathoms the stature distinction the volumes display remotely, naturally.


In this manner improving the thought of spatial congruity and encouraging the clients’ dissemination. With respect to the innovative part, it’s imperative that on account of a cross ventilation framework we have possessed the capacity to take out the fake aerating and cooling ordinarily being used amid summer.


The operation of this framework is completed by an arrangement of sliding windows present all through the house, some mechanized and retractable with flexible blinds. For warming we have utilized an arrangement of low temperature convectors inserted in the floor, constantly under and parallel to the expansive windows to diminish heat misfortune.


Concerning the lighting framework, the huge windows are the primary characters, which basically vanish, joining the outside into the inside space.For the manufactured lighting a unique roof piece has been outlined, which serves to shroud the drapes and produce direct lighting strips with LED’s, parallel to the windows engaging their vicinity in house and their character of glass dividers.

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