Soplo House by Cazú Zegers G.

Soplo House byCazú Zegers G.

Architects: Cazú Zegers G.
Location: Camino Punta de Aguilas interior, Santiago, Chile
Year: 2011
Area: 280 sqm
Photos: Courtesy of Cazú Zegers G, Isabel Fernandez

Soplo”, Spanish for “breath”, which inhales life, is the wind that goes easily through the openings. The shapes draws the wind on the sand. This house is situated in an exceptional urban space, it is proposed as a “structure open to the scene”.


The back, which corresponds with the entrance, is hermetic, shut by bended dividers, roused by the experience of strolling through the model of Richard Serra in Guggenheim Bilbao with my little girl Clara. The bends are outlined in a twofold arrangement of brilliant proportions, which offer structure to the “breath.


It is a solitary family house situated at the foot of Manquehue slope in Santiago. It doesn’t require to be considered as an exceptional, or distinctive, structural engineering, however rather is centered around creating a homogeneous exterior with the neighboring house (which has a place with my sister), planned by the national construction modeling prize victor Luis Izquierdo.


In this manner, Soplo House takes the lines from Rollan Zegers house, opening an extraordinary regional space to the perspective.


In the inside, we concentrate on great subtraction, an open space with a twofold course, one in the back, hermetic, and the other through the scene, which implies that no room achieves the exterior window. We along these lines create a dynamic space without pecking orders. The home happens in a constant stream, in the middle of inside and outside, even and vertical, making the 1400 m2 plot get to be unbounded, with different potential outcomes.


The rooftop is proposed as a fifth veneer, secured with a deck and blossoms, which add to the warm effectiveness of the house. The garden’s idea is that of an agrarian scene, planted in an arrangement of bended porches that take after the entrance’s dialog dividers, flanked by the 25 m pool, intended to swim.


The insides are composed as model, accomplishing a dialog in the middle of building design and figure.



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