The Konstancin House by Nasciturus Design

The Konstancin House by Nasciturus Design

Architects: Nasciturus Design
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Area: 3,767 sqft
Photos: Nasciturus Design

This undertaking was made for a four-man family living in 350m2 close-by Warsaw. Our customers gave us a free submit organizing the inside giving a few insights like shading inclinations and a general vision.

Konstancin-House-01They needed their loft to be roomy, noteworthy and one in a kind. Despite the fact that it was relied upon to be orchestrated in a contemporary style, the proprietors additionally esteem an immortal excellent.


The ground floor is for the most part utilized for coordinating the family as they have a typical space to get to know one another. The “Brunner” chimney consummately draws in long discussions in a lovely atmosphere. A huge 3meter glass piece utilized as a handrail makes the space considerably all the more outwardly engaging. It is an amazingly exquisite arrangement as well as augments the space. Worth specifying is additionally a “Fly” Vibieffe couch making the family room framed in solace.


The kitchen is done in a highly contrasting cleaned MDF. The working table is a characteristic graphite board splendidly coordinating the lockers. We likewise have figured out how to include a tad bit of delicacy by hanging the organizers over the floor.


Next, there is the dinning room enriched in an adjusted differentiation of dim and light hues comparing whatever is left of the house. The primary part is a wonderful “Cedros” dull table perfect for a refined suppers and the first and delicate seats guarantee a full solace thought the entire night.


In the room you will discover exemplary wallpapers, unobtrusive materials and warm hues that will make you rest tight. The sensitive lighting is making the room all the all the more inviting and an extensive window disregarding the greenery enclosure ensures a wonderful perspective from the very asking of your day.


A large and handy lavatory is vital. To accomplish that the undertaking sets up full usefulness alongside an extravagance look. On the more than 20m2 there is truly all that you require. The brilliant mosaic and a detached bathtub makes the washroom remarkably interesting.

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