Lake View Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Lake View Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Architects: Alterstudio Architecture
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 5,900 sqft
Photo courtesy: Casey DunnWhit PrestonPatrick Wong

An unparalleled view west, over the Bright Leaf protect and up the Colorado River, and the longing to live calmly in the midst of an accumulation of developed live oak trees joined to make a capable situation for this group of four. The new house stresses view and an element spatial grouping while in the meantime making a conceptual background for the good fortune light, situation and perspective.


The guest arrives, wandering under a woods of old trees into a private passage grouping of limestone, vertical cyprus and verdant planting. Still uninformed of the sweeping display to come, perspectives are uncovered gradually – with deliberately surrounded vistas welcoming desires of what is to come, and the quest for which prompting new revelations.


Situated for ideal cross ventilation and security from the sun, the Lakeview house likewise uses geothermal HVAC frameworks, a photovoltaic exhibit, and FSC confirmed woods all through the building.

Lake-View-Residence-03 Lake-View-Residence-04 Lake-View-Residence-05 Lake-View-Residence-06 Lake-View-Residence-07 Lake-View-Residence-08 Lake-View-Residence-09 Lake-View-Residence-10 Lake-View-Residence-11 Lake-View-Residence-12 Lake-View-Residence-13 Lake-View-Residence-14 Lake-View-Residence-15 Lake-View-Residence-16 Lake-View-Residence-17 Lake-View-Residence-18 Lake-View-Residence-19 Lake-View-Residence-20 Lake-View-Residence-21 Lake-View-Residence-22 Lake-View-Residence-23 Lake-View-Residence-24

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