Fogo Island Long Studio by Saunders Architecture

Fogo Island Long Studio by Saunders Architecture

Architects: Saunders Architecture
Location: Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada
Year: 2011
Area: 1,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bent Rene´Synnevåg

Fogo Island lies outside of Newfoundland, Canada and is home to a delicate, free individuals who have lived for quite a long time in the middle of wind and waves in quest for fish. Fogo Islanders live in the untamed scene of the North Atlantic. The general population are unobtrusive and straightforward yet have seen their customary lifestyle by undermined by powers to a great extent outside their ability to control.


Fogo Island is a basic spot of unobtrusive and standing excellence – a spot where time is not wrecked by the flow of everything. Its kin are inseparably bound to this spot where they have a place. They are a socially rich and clever individuals who live in close association with one another and with their kin who have preceded.


The Shorefast Foundation works with the general population of Fogo Island to discover approaches to save this unique spot and this exceptional society. We have discovered new ways by driving with expressions of the human experience. We need to make structures that regard where we’ve originated from and exalt this scene that is so delicate yet so fearsome. We need structures that touch our creative energies and keep up an association between our past and our future.


The idea of the long studio reacts to the move of the seasons. The studio is sorted out in a direct from that comprises of three distinct spaces. An open however secured territory speaking to the spring denote the passage to the studio and the start of the regular movement. The focal part is left open and for the most part presented to be completely inundated in all that is offered by the long summer days on Fogo Island. The end and primary body of the studio is completely encased to give a region of assurance and isolation from the outside environment while as yet giving an association with the scene through a deliberately encircled perspective of the emotional encompassing.


The long direct structure of this craftsman studio augments the measure of open divider and floor space. Expansive windows at either end and a sky facing window on the top of the studio permits the most extreme measure of characteristic light to surge the space. We have made one of the dividers 1m profound to house stockpiling, toilets and washbasins, with entryways that are flush to the divider, along these lines keeping away from any visual diversion inside the space.


The studios are put on columns toward the end towards the ocean, while the passageway range has a little solid establishment for securing the development to the scene. With this kind of development, the studios can be put in wherever on the island. Likewise, this takes into account the studios to be pre-manufactured in a nearby workshop amid the winter months, and after that set in the scene in the spring.

Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-06 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-07 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-08 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-09-1 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-09-2 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-09-3 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-09-4 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-09 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-10 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-11 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-12 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-13 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-14 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-15 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-16 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-17 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-21 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-22 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-23 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-24 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-25 Fogo-Island-Long-Studio-26

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