1 story small and simple wood JJ&S.M House by Atelier Mima

1 story small and simple wood JJ&S.M House by Atelier Mima

Architects: Atelier Mima
Location: Nivillac, France
Year: 2015
Area: 969 ft²/ 90 m²
Budget: 125.000 €
Photo courtesy: Atelier Mima

A house in the scene of the Vilaine valley to rest of city life: Given the nature of this environment, we utilize effortlessness. All things considered, it is a direct and unpretentious association with the scene, a mass of wood mixing with the encompassing tones. From within, it’s a value congregations, arrangements, encircling and respectable materials decaying the space to make a crystal contrasted with the various and astonishing environment.


The house lands at break of incline, in enunciation of the scene, as occupied gazebo. The arrangement offers different configuration potential outcomes around a cozy upper level and a base living space connected to an expansive overhang porch.


Two rooms, committed to two couples, are connected to a focal washroom with wide entryways with block allotment. This can be compared to one or other of the chambers when the two sets are not show all the while. The floor of the upper level reaches out to the kitchen worktop. A third entryway with block allotment is set here to help in day to open the viewpoint on the whole profundity of the house, highlighting the arrangement of spaces.


A shelf/stairs/kitchen verbalizes the two levels, and permits enhancing the sentiment space by incorporating these capacities in a solitary spot. A long thin room grows to West pinion, deconstructed in its edges to watch, the Vilaine that wraps around the field: south through a long narrows of 10 m, and north through an all encompassing penetrating sitting on a wooden seat and concrete, both capacity and wood stove support.

1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-04 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-05 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-06 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-07 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-08 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-09 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-10 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-11 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-12 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-13 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-14 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-15 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-16 1-story-small-and-simple-wood-jjs-m-house-by-atelier-mima-17

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