Fitty Wun Playful Contemproary Residence in San Francisco by Feldman Architecture

Fitty Wun Playful Contemporary Residence in San Francisco by Feldman Architecture

Architects: Feldman Architecture
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Year: 2014
Area: 4,188 sqft / 390 sqm
Photo courtesy: Joe Fletcher

The outline for Fitty Wun mirrors the energetic, in some cases contemptuous, identities of the customers, a couple with three dynamic young men and a “buckle down, play hard” way to deal with life. The customers wanted a house fixated on vast, light-filled focal spaces where the children and companions of the family would love to hang out today furthermore a long time from now. This space additionally goes about as an inviting, warm sort of “Panopticon that permits the young men the opportunity to be young men while the folks are deliberately inside of ear, if not generally eyeshot, to mediate, arbitrate and apply essential therapeutic bearing” (the customer’s words!).


The front façade is an understanding of a customary townhouse—a basic organization that mixes in with the area however alludes to the current inside through scale and material decision. The fundamental floor comprises of an awesome room blending the kitchen, eating, and front rooms. The kitchen opens upward to the roof, bringing light down from two stories above. Niches and imaginative stockpiling arrangements permit the considerable room—a spot for cooking, eating, working, and playing—to be the center of the family unit without mess. The front room streams out onto a deck and into the lawn, where there is a lot of space for the family’s differed, vivacious exercises.


The metal-screened stair, sponsored by a tiled component divider, leads from the road level passage to the upper floors, where a catwalk unites the rooms and rings the chamber. An askew stair over the chamber leads up more remote to a gliding office “case” and the rooftop deck. The case gives an acoustically isolated space to the customer to escape incidentally from all the fervor underneath. The rooftop deck, encompassed by a green rooftop, watches out to wide perspectives.

Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-03 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-04 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-05 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-06 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-07 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-08 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-09 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-10 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-11 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-12 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-13 Fitty-Wun-Playful-Contemporary-Residence-in-San-Francisco-by-Feldman-Architecture-14

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