Villa Lokaator by Kavakava Architects

Villa Lokaator by Kavakava Architects

Architects: Kavakava Architects
Location: Paldiski, Estonia
Area: 197 sqm
Year: 2007
Photos: Paul Riddle, Martin Siplane, Courtesy of Kavakava Architects

Arranged close-by an ex-Soviet military town, which housed an atomic submarine preparing base, Villa Locator intentionally propels the topic of its forlorn environment. Beginning stage was an old armed force encampment made of calcium silicate blocks.


As a result of the building limitations as an afterthought plot, the garisson huts gave already the compelled size of the basis for the new building. Conspicuous element of the manor is two jutting consoles taking a gander at the . These two “locators”, each with an individual staircase, were added to augment the living zone. Consoles are adjusted on the opposite side of the building by an anticipating bike carport. In this way the building has two differentiating veneers: coated perspective exterior with a porch which is speaking with the earth and a hermetic road exterior with vertical window openings for the southern sun. The unpleasant stylish of cement has been completely abused in the general structure of the building.


In the inside, isolated spaces of a sleeping shelter have been supplanted by an open arrangement. The area of rooms on diverse levels makes differing action zones which inclination additionally relies on upon the lighting conditions. Still, the severe character of the building proceeds inside.


“Obtaining” of daylight beyond all detectable inhibitions arrangement living territory from the encased, dugout like south height gives warmth and light airiness to the inside. This has been accomplished by means of anticipating dormer windows and strip coating in the fundamental divider. The roundabout light makes the room gleam.


The huge outside solid dividers give compelling warm mass, while a geothermal pump controls the warming underneath the cast solid floors.


The encompassing common scene and greenery were kept generally in place.

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