LSR113 House by Ayutt and Associates design

LSR113 House by Ayutt and Associates design

Architects: Ayutt and Associates design
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 16,146 sqft / 1,500 sqm
Photo courtesy: Soopakorn Srisakul

“We are not saying This house is 100 percent Thai, But in any event it’s an attempt” LSR113 is arranged on Bangna street, Samuthprakarn, Thailand, on the lakefront plot of private lodging property known as ‘Lakeside manor’. The house is fabricated as one-family house which gave an adaptability to be ventured into multi-family for what’s to come.


The briefs that fashioner got from the customer was for useful spaces like any ordinary house, however what they truly loved were square, present day style house, yet they asked that it ought not be hot inside and needs to suit with Thai Climate.


Despite the fact that the usable space of the area is restricted, however the customer still needs a huge greenery region to appreciate, and in addition an advanced house with sun shades and rain assurances. This is the most test part for the originator, who needs to design the cutting edge dialect of structural planning in a way that would suit the hot and muggy atmosphere of Thailand.


The design dialect of LSR113 is enlivened by the conventional Thai house format and space. The ground floor is orchestrated as a Thai customary house plan with a focal yard that capacities as an element anteroom and wholesaler before getting to the primary living space or other space.


Incidentally, The originator would not like to take after the greater part of the well-trodden way of the customary Thai house plan, The fashioner has a totally distinctive structure to the previously stated equation and demonstrates that an issue does not as a matter of course have quite recently on right reply by taking after the conventional way.


The main test is the generally little site fit as a fiddle near a rectangle, with its thin sides confronting West and East. Spreading the required practical spaces more than one story would top off the entire site, which means there would be no open spaces and poor ventilation, the originator in this way made a two and half story house, with the building mass set along the Northern border of the site, so as to open up however much space as could reasonably be expected on the Southern side for a patio nursery, pool and lake view.


Warmth and downpour frame the essential issue confronted by structures in this district, and are accordingly significant to the outline. While this house does not have conventional long rooftop or huge overhanging roof, for example, generally found in tropical districts, in any case the upper volume overhangs the lower one, in actuality going about as downpour and sun assurance for the ground floor, and in addition affecting a play of shadow, adding profundity to the veneers.


The second test is behind the pretense of innovation, lies originator’s goal to make Thai spaces out of cutting edge engineering vocabulary, to accommodate the requests of the atmosphere with those of the contemporary Thai way of life. All in all, this house is the consequence of attempting to answer age-old inquiries with architect’s own new equations.


The interest lies in the way that creator challenges the set up routine and tested for different answers, regardless of the possibility that the outcome is not the absolute best one, but rather in any event LSR113 house has its own answer, conceived out of its own hunt, without plan of action to those entrenched standards.


All materials utilized as a part of this house are altogether advanced: off-structure solid, metal, glass and aluminum. The basic components are made of strengthened solid while the rooftop on the top floor is produced using metal sheets loaded with warmth and acoustic protection.


For the ground floor, the level solid rooftop has a layer of rock to keep heat from entering the building. The block mortar dividers are punctuated by territories of coating with the outside veneers for the most part rendered in white to mirror the warmth. To join a present day feeling to the house outline, creator introduces redid Metalic-Black Aluminum Extrusion Strip vertically on the mass of the main room.


The strips make the house resemble a component box gliding on the off-structure solid sheet beneath. This Aluminum strips façade is likewise intended for air support protection to chill off the primary room space amid the daytime.

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