Cumbres Doce by SOSTUDIO

Cumbres Doce by SOSTUDIO

Architects: SOSTUDIO
Location: Cancún, Quintana Roo, México
Area: 1,835 sqm
Year: 2011
Photos: Daniela Rangel

Cumbres Doce is a speculation undertaking situated in a blasting territory in the focal point of Cancun. It involves five separate houses, security door and access control. The greatest test of the undertaking was to find the five units in a stretched parcel with a thin front and an expanded foundation with gathering dividers on three sides.


The arrangement was to add to the principle floor on the first level, leaving the administrations and capacity regions at road level.


Along these lines the principle floor amplifies the whole width of the part, shaping extensions over the streets for auto travel inside the task. The arranges’ format is outlined looking for the best introduction, guaranteeing direct daylight on the pool and garden zone, and characteristic cross ventilation by opening windows. An essential element of the venture is the security and freedom of every unit; every house has a greenhouse range and private pool.


The cutting edge moderate style decided for the venture tries to set up a distinction by proposing a more contemporary way to deal with living in the Caribbean. The configuration idea depends on joining huge expanses with the utilization of twofold statures and vast integrating so as to slide windows, making a special environment inside and outside in a solitary region.

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