B25 House by PK Arkitektar

B25 House by PK Arkitektar

Architects: PK Arkitektar
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Area: 4,920 sqft
Photo courtesy: Rafael Pinho

This private home is situated in a conservative rural neighborhood. The plot slants down from road level towards its southwest lawn. The house was imagined to show up from the road as a particular strong mass; with the passageway escaped the road. By difference, the back side of the house, with private outside zones, has a feeling of openness and porousness.


The solid mass of the house hides a break, where shrouds the front entryway. The front volume is helped by a cut, which speaks to the inside limit in the middle of private and open ranges. A light well behind the front façade licenses sunshine into both floors in the upper east piece of the house. The inclining plot considers the storm cellar to be concealed and gives sublime perspectives of the adjacent Álftanes promontory.


Red Rhyolite is utilized here as cladding on the recessed surfaces of the generally white stone monument. The front yard is a negligible surface of rock and stone; greenery being confined to a patch at the back where a solitary tree stands. An unmistakable difference with the green dividers and lavish patio nurseries regular to the region: the bone-dry treatment of the front yard connected here is more in accordance with Iceland’s inclination and landscapes.


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