House Quinta Da Marinha by Fragmentos de Arquitectura

House Quinta Da Marinha by Fragmentos de Arquitectura

Architects: Fragmentos de Arquitectura
Location: Cascais, Portugal
Year: 2010
Area: 8.611 ft²/ 800 m²
Photo courtesy: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

“The plot is triangular and the house is set out in an “L”, forming patios and terraces on the south side, and on the west side, looking out over the pine trees and the Oitavos /Quinta da Marinha golf course. Each of the “arms” of the L-shaped structure has a distinct function: private areas (in the arm parallel to the street), and communal living areas (in the arm perpendicular to the street).


The main entrance is at the intersection of the two arms, marked by a recess on the facade and a perpendicular protruding wall, coated with black “Laminan”. The service entrance is to the north and not visible from the street. The project requirements were clear: it was imperative to minimize both the build time and the need for future maintenance. The solution on the ground floor was the use of “Corian”. The façades were completely clad either in “Corian”, “Corten Steel” (on the fist floor) or “Laminan” (entrance).


The street-side façade (on the east side) is virtually “blind” and works as a high protective wall for the interior of the house and grounds, allowing total privacy throughout house which opens out to the south and west sides (the sides where there is sun, and views of the garden and pool). This façade is characterised by a long low window, which runs alongside a reflection pool.


A glass bridge was created (a sloping ramp), between the dining room and the living room to allow light through to the lower floor.


The outer pergolas, on the southern and western façades are made of steel with a slatted wooden roof structure in IPE. On the ground floor, these terraces and pergolas surround and frame the pool area in sandy tones.


The exterior of the property was designed to allow for complete and easy circulation via accessible ramps.”

house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-06 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-07 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-08 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-09 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-10 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-11 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-12 house-quinta-da-marinha-fragmentos-de-arquitectura-13

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