Wulumuqi Road Apartment by SKEW Collaborative

Wulumuqi Road Apartment by SKEW Collaborative

Architects: SKEW Collaborative
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2012
Area: 110 sqm
Photo courtesy: SKEW Collaborative

The modification and expansion of Wulumuqi Road Apartment was an elucidation of a nearby strategy of urban beautification in Shanghai. There was a vast strategy where pitched tiled rooftops were being added to tops of current collective lodging manufactured in the 40s to 50s that were viewed as without urban or customary character.


In the re-outline of this condo, the first level rooftop was mostly devastated to offer route to a storage room. This storage room took reference from the vernacular type of the triangular dormer window found in the area which served as an original frame that was thoroughly connected to this task – with the majority of its ramifications of structure, envelope and geometry.


The triangulation of the rooftop plane was extrapolated to offer shape to the roofs, dividers and staircase, where every tread and baluster was explained to stamp the finishes of these transformative triangle surfaces. Whatever is left of the flat was kept basic; the current modern steel windows, wooden ground surface and white mortar dividers were held, in foresight of the unraveling components from the new upper room space.

Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-03 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-04 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-05 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-06 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-07 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-08 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-09 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-10 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-11 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-12 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-13 Wulumuqi-Road-Apartment-14

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