6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Mattress

6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Mattress

With so many options on the market, choosing the right mattress can be strenuous. However, you can’t pick the first option you find, since it may not be the right one for you. With the wrong mattress, even if it is a new one, you could be putting yourself at risk of back and neck pain and poor-quality sleep. This article highlights some things to look for when selecting a new mattress.


Firstly, you need a size that is perfect for you. If you are living alone, a full or queen size would be ideal. For couples, the king or California King size can provide ample space for each person and even kids who choose to sneak into their parents’ bedroom. Also, don’t forget to take the size of your room into consideration. Your bed and other bedroom furniture should not be too crowded in the room. There should be enough space for easy movement and also easy cleaning. If the space is too crowded, it can also look untidy.


The other factor you should consider is the firmness of the mattress. Choose a level of firmness based on the weight that will be pressing on the mattress. This is the key reason why a certain level of firmness may be ideal for one person and not another. A firmer option could be the best mattress if you’re heavy. And this isn’t necessarily the firmest mattress on the market. When shopping, you will come across three types; soft, medium and firm. Note that a medium for one mattress company may be more firm than the medium for another company. Therefore, make your comparisons well when shopping.

Mattress Material

The other decision you have to make is the material used to make the mattress. The most common types you will find on the market include memory foam, latex, gel, inner spring, water bed and air mattress. Each type has its benefits and shortcomings. Some options can be safer for you if you have allergies or any other medical condition. Thus, when making your decision, check the characteristics, risk factors and how the manufacturer handles the materials for safety and comfort.


Mattress thickness can go up to around 18 inches. The thickness you choose can depend on your personal preferences, weight, age and health. For mobility and other health issues, the goal is to aim for a thickness where you can comfortably get into and out of bed.


Durability is dependent on the materials and the process used to make the product. Some brands have a reputation of lasting for a long time without getting worn out whereas others wear out even before they reach half of their expected life span. It’s up to you to do your research well and find the company that has a reputation of producing highly durable mattresses. If you skip this process, you will be on the market for a new one sooner rather than later.

Warranty and Returns Policy

Finally, don’t forget to check the warranty and the returns policy. What happens when you are not satisfied? What factors can make your warranty invalid?

If you can, try out the mattress at the store before you buy it. You can also consider buying from brands that offer a free trial. This means that you get to try the mattress and if you are not satisfied, you can send it back. If you are not able to do the two, read reviews from other consumers. Reviews can tell you if a mattress lives up to its definition. Finding reviews for a specific product is easy since most stores allow customers to leave reviews after purchase.

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