Getting the industrial design style right

Getting the industrial design style right

With its open and minimalist feel the Industrial Design style is among the most popular of designs in the restaurant business, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Industrial styling is simple, clean, and effortlessly clear in their focus and use- the mixture of right angles and squared corners give any space a truly elegant sense of functionality that is both inviting and wholly inclusive.

Getting the industrial design style right

Of course, to nail down the Industrial style you’re looking for you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Here’s our personal design notes (in no particular order) to truly succeed with the Industrial Style in your establishment.

There are three words to keep in mind when it comes to Industrial Design: Less is more. Industrial designs and spaces are not needlessly cluttered with kitch or flair on their walls. Rather, the design calls more for an unfinished, raw feel- mostly bare walls of exposed brick work, exposed and unfinished wood rafters, bare (but polished!) concrete, and of course reclaimed and recycled look materials.

Getting the industrial design style right

Neutral coloring is another hallmark of the Industrial Design style. Blacks, grays, wood tones, along with the colors of various patina all work together to create a pleasing, easy to enjoy environment. Again, remember that less is more! Having a unified, neutral color scheme both in your décor and the industrial restaurant  furniture allows for people in the space to relax as no particular element demands attention- everything feels like part of the whole so it’s exceedingly easy to feel very comfortable in such an environment- as a person you feel like you’re slipping into somewhere you, too, belong!  As a bonus, these colors allow for the use of well chosen accent colors- adding a splash of individuality that really unites the space. You don’t need very much of these sorts of accessories- just a few will add a truly tremendous artistic flare!

Getting the industrial design style right

The Industrial Style is, perhaps most importantly, honest with what it is. What you see is what you get. Every chair, every table, every wall- each tell their own story about having had a life before they found themselves in your space. This honesty is very important to remember- that “lived in” feel is a big part of the Industrial Feel- that these items have been reclaimed, reused, and recycled into a new life with minimal changes. That means that what would be considered a blemish in a different style is instead a unique feature of whatever piece it exists on. A spot of missing paint, a couple of scratches, weathered woods, and various patinas are all a big part of this style’s look and feel.

Nothing is really hidden- polished concrete or rough wood floors, exposed rafters and support beams, visible venting and conduits. None of these things hide away, but rather are open about their histories and therefore create an atmosphere where the individual is welcome and comfortable among the whole. Make sure to embrace honest imperfection with the Industrial Style- that honesty is supremely important.

Getting the industrial design style right

Ultimately, the Industrial Style is among the most flexible design choices someone can make for their restaurant. Industrial style chairs and tables can have almost any look. Often hard-wearing, most Industrial Style items only look more the part as time goes on but are usually built to last. The total lack of pretense and presumption in the style is welcoming and allows for an inviting “come as you are” feel while also carrying an elegant, minimalist design. It really is no wonder why this style has become so popular- there is almost no barrier to entry, a total lack of complication, and the clear honesty of the style is just fantastic to experience.

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