55 Blair Road by Ong & Ong

55 Blair Road by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Location: 55 Blair Road, Singapore
Year: 2009
Photos: Derek Swalwell

55 Blair Road creates a spatial ordeal that energizes the faculties by advancing light open arrangement living which is bizarre to this sort of porch house. This living arrangement brings a harmony in the middle of nature and contemporary living in a redesign of an Art Deco style porch.

55-Blair-Road-02To make a light open arrangement living space, whilst advancing Inside/outside space. The differentiating relationship between the metallic components and inconspicuous tones inside of the house make an energizing spatial relationship all through.


55 Blair street task is a redesign and rebuilding to a customary craftsmanship deco style shop house. Initially the house was redesigned 10 years prior. The new proprietor however trusted it was excessively dim and wanted all the more light in the living spaces.


Holding fast to the preservation limitations of keeping up the current envelope, an answer was come to. The home was configuration around a youthful expert who had a reasonable vision of how the house ought to show up. The last plan met that vision. The whole second floor in the primary area of the house had been distributed for a main room/study space with an en suite washroom.


The restored conventional façade of the property conceals the new living space pleasing all the fancied spaces of the customer. Bringing light into this long plot was a vital thought. A huge air well partitions the two segments of the house taking into account most extreme light to infiltrate the living spaces. Aluminum divider cladding wraps around the void. The aluminum groups reflect light into the living spaces.


The void demonstrations as an expansive light well as well as empowers characteristic ventilation inside of the house. The multifaceted direct groups are a cutting edge differentiate that mirrors the conventional fancy façade. This metallic design dialect utilized all through the plan underscores a solidarity inside of the spaces. The unpretentious tones and metallic components supplement one another to make a typical topic all through the house.


Congruity of space was a key idea to advance the relationship of outside/inside space. The First floor utilizes adaptable coated dividers that lead straightforwardly to the pool. The principle segment of the house is isolated by the out entryway pool and frangipani garden. At the point when both sides of the coated allotments are open the first floor gets to be one substantial space. The plan turns out to be a methodology that advances differing qualities of space. The ground floor is not just a parlor and dinning range it is a perfect spot to unwind and sit poolside. The expectation to make a various space on the first floor adds tremendous esteem and engage a property this size.


The TV and music apparatuses are covered up in breaks in the divider that are disguised when not being used purchase larges bits of craftsmanship, this repeats the idea of coherence of spaces. The lighting can be controlled by a coordinated PC that can be utilized to set lighting dispositions inside of the house.


The back segment (administration region) of the house suits the kitchen space , a powder room, the cleaning specialists’ room and a rooftop patio. A steel winding staircase interfaces these spaces. The inside patio partitions the two areas of the house however the same decision of materials is conveyed however the entire plan to guarantee solidarity.


The kitchen has been done in a mless aluminum cladding. This makes a refined kitchen space. A harmony between the aluminum and the frangipani garden in the inner yard has added to an animating spatial ordeal. The differentiating relationship between the natural component and the long direct metal components give a suitable associating space.


A few going stones interface the parlor and kitchen space over the pool isolate. The Century Frangipani is a local tree that has been connected with Buddhist and Hindu societies. The old curved trunk adds to the character of the house. It is contained inside of advanced components. This mirrors the idea of the house in the way the old exterior contains the modern.



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