Acill Atem House by Broissin Architects

Acill Atem House by Broissin Architects

Architects: Broissin Architects
Location: San Luis Potosi, México
Photos:  Paul Rivera / courtesy of Broissin Architects

Pondering the Palm Spings Kaufmann house composed by Richard Neutra about its adjustment to the even scene, we planned this task taking into account a direct follow: a light structure and divider openings confronting the Sierra Potosina.


The site is confronted Northwards purpose behind which the planned has been moved 30 degrees West to enhance the sun oriented lightning amid the cool days and to keep up the wind flow inside amid the warm days, making a useful house as far as solace, subsequent to the climate is directed in both cases.


In the south façade, a strong component covers the opening, this permits the subtitle of sun powered radiation amid the day and its transmission to within amid the night, ensuring a temperature increment amid the night against the icy enrolled through all the year

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