5 Modern Pendant Lights Styles for 2022

5 Modern Pendant Lights Styles for 2022

Do you want your modern pendant lights to be up-to-date with the latest trends in lighting and home decor? Designers and decorators are going for certain styles this year, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Your search for the perfect lighting stops here: you will find trends and styles to be customized for your own needs and preferences. Then you will just need to choose colors, materials, and spending budget to renovate your space.

Why pendant lights are so important

Using a chandelier or other pendant lamps is an easy way to redecorate a bedroom, a living room, your hotel’s entryway, and many more spaces. Being quite large and having a great illumination power, these decor pieces will catch every eye in the room.

Creating a balanced style with other furniture or making it stand out in the wideness of your ceiling is a personal choice. Either way, choose between these trends to be sure to make your house, hotel, or restaurant more stylish.

1. Minimalism and simplicity rule

After some years of hygge-mania and nordic vibes, minimalism is still in fashion. And if you think about it, it’s easy to understand why. Simple shapes and essential lines are easier to clean and match with every home decor style.

In this way, a single modern pendant light in brass, glass, or metal is perfect for an understated yet stylish room. Choose neutral colors such as brown, white, black or nude to make it even more minimal.

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2. Led pendant lights everywhere

Sustainability is in fashion, and that’s great! Led lights are more suitable for an energy-saving and environmentally friendly household. They are also less expensive and therefore preferred for workspaces and businesses alike.

Not to mention their incredible versatility. You can create personalized patterns, choose different colors and change their position every time you want, allowing creativity and personal expression in your space.

3. Vintage treasures

Vintage chandeliers are lovely but often difficult to place in a contemporary home. They are usually heavy, difficult to install, and fragile. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up a little sparkle.

Modern pendant lights with a retro vibe are everywhere. If you choose the right illumination company, you’ll find a perfect contemporary solution for your needs of glitz and glamour. Vinyl charms instead of crystals? Yes, please!

4. Industrial style

Despite being in fashion for several years, this trend is far from gone. Families, businesses, shops, and restaurants are still looking for a simple and stylish way to decorate their spaces without much fuss.

Industrial style pendant lights give you exactly that: simple materials, rough finishes, and an illusory sense of casualness. In reality, this style is, of course, detailed and curated just like every other one but will give a cool vibe to the place nonetheless.

5. Ball-shaped modern pendant lights

Yes, a circular shape could be boring, but it won’t if you find the right light fixture. International designers work every day to create show-stopping patterns and unusual figures where the ball is just a part of a complicated structure.

The relationship between people and their homes is getting more intimate due to restrictions, and everyone is looking for comfortable, familiar things surrounding them. The right lighting designers just need to use spheres into new, exciting lamps.

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