Toy House in São Paulo by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Toy House in São Paulo by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Architects: Pascali Semerdjian Architects
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 2,659 sq. ft/ 247 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Pascali Semerdjian Architects

This 247m2 (2,659ft2) Toy House is situated in São Paulo, Brazil, a couple meters from the house where the family lives. The task was imagined as a tremendous play place for a quickly developing family, intended to be home for the kids’ toys and venue to host gatherings and occasions for all individuals.


The discrete passageway, for security reason, opens up with a welcome to play. A staircase drives guests to pick among three unique levels.


The lower floor is a vast TV space for computer game and silver screen sessions, with a coordinated kitchen accessible for cooking support. It is set apart by a moderate construction modelling without overabundances and simple to keep up. Sliding entryways on both sides unites the space to the outer part, that has a major slide coordinated under the stainless steel staircase situated on the back end of the house.


The upper floor is a case in metal structure worked to permit it to be gathered in various arrangements. To go to the test of making adaptable spaces for various needs, sun blinds and screens are incorporated with the metal edge that brings down and raises, opens and closes, on remote control. Along these lines, the space and extend to wind up greater or littler, separated or opened, and it can likewise be effectively disassembled later on if the proprietors chooses to move or change the house.


To add to the fun loving nature of the task, the tower door was transformed into a perception tower like a post apache. It is joined with the house through a fun red rope connect that ignores a greenery enclosure, taking after a little wilderness that is situated on the ground passageway floor. Exceptional Brazilian graffitis enlivens the mass of the space, with different works of art from Anish Kappor, Keith Hering and OsGemeos that are energetically coordinated to the compositional task.

Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-05 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-06 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-07 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-08 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-09 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-10 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-11 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-12 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-13 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-14 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-15 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-16 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-17 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-18 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-19 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-20 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-21 Toy-House-in-Sao-Paulo-by-Pascali-Semerdjian-Architects-22

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