PE House by Andrés Escobar Taller Arquitectónica

PE House by Andrés Escobar Taller Arquitectónica

Architects: Andrés Escobar Taller Arquitectónica
Location: Tapalpa, Jalisco, México
Year: 2013
Area: 8,826 sq. ft / 820 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Lorena Darquea

House PE is a task that begins with two families sharing one house. Every family has their own private regions yet will share the social regions (dinning, lounges, and so forth) of the house.


The undertaking is situated in the woodland of Tapalpa Mountain Range (sierra) in Jalisco, Mexico. The introduction of the house takes into account Southwest perspectives to the mountains and an extensive backwoods hold past.


The geology and various trees on the property was a noteworthy test for the outline, as a choice was made to protect every one of the trees and to compliment the common slant. This permitted the private rooms on the second floor and additionally the regular spaces on the ground floor access to the greenery enclosures.


Inside of the hectare site there is a little structure for guests adjoining the primary home.


The whole ground floor is covered with stone quarry; the material has changed after some time and has taken different hues and compositions. This stone backings a steel structure that backings the top floor, which is made of clinker and doesn’t have any basic components.


The brickwork shading coordinates the slate that is utilized on the rooftop. The roof was made of pine and the stone was brought from the shore of Galicia. The Spanish stone and the shading was decided for its material properties to catch as much warmth from the sun because of the absence of direct light the house gets.

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